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cPanel Script to Dump Data and RYSNC

cPanel Script to Migrate Data In One Shot

cPanel Script to Migrate Data In One Shot

What Does This Script Do :

"cPanel Migration Script" This script is used to take the Input when you Initiate the Script and Prompts for the Directory to provide and to store the cPanel backup files under the same. Once the backup for the accounts has been done which are mentioned in the file name which is "/root/rohit/24.txt".This File contains the Usernames (cPanel accounts) which needs to be moved from the Source Server to the Target Server.

Once the Backup is done then it uses the command known as "sshpass" to rsync the data from the source server to the target server. In "sshpass" we need to provide the destination server password as an argument to that command, so that it will simultaneously move the accounts without asking for the Password.

Note : SSHPASS can be downloaded from the below mentioned link which is -

However, More Information regarding the Working of the Script is mentioned below -