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Cisco Packet Tracer 4.11 Full for Windows


Packet Tracer 4.11 Full for Windows | 118MB


Packet Tracer 4.11 is the next major release of the interactive network simulation and learning tool for Cisco CCNA instructors and students. It allows users to create network topologies, configure devices, inject packets, and simulate a network with multiple visual representations. This release of Packet Tracer focuses on supporting more of the networking protocols taught in the CCNA curriculum.
The Real-Time Mode provides students with a viable alternative to real equipment and allows them to gain configuration practice before working with real equipment.

Additional Features

* Lab grading function
* Modular devices
* User-friendly CLI and integrated help feature
* Different device models for creating custom networks
* Tutorial
* International language support
* Simple mode

Full version of the Cisco Packet Tracer 4.11, comes with tutorials to learn with.

Password: g4m30v3r123

Password: g4m30v3r123

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