Alternate DNS Servers for Solving Server Not Found Problem

Alternate DNS Servers for Solving Server Not Found Problem

Alternate DNS Servers for Solving Server Not Found Problem

DNS can be you’re helping friend and also in times it can create a problem by stopping you from browsing web sites on web. If you are able to frequently see the error message ‘Server not found’ then it’s obviously a DNS problem. As you know the front-end English word typed URL are the IP address in the back-end, Domain Name System (DNS) translates URLs into IP addresses.

Finding out if your ISP has DNS Problems or not

Sometime your Internet Service Provider can be the reason for DNS server issues. This is quite experience by many techies for Airtel Broadband. One of the possible reasons is that your DNS server is down and you are accessing the downed server. You can also ping your ISP’s DNS server and if responds then everything is fine from your ISP provider. Probably if you know the address of the DNS servers then you can enter it manually or else you need to choose ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ in your settings.
Here is the procedure on how you can use the DNS server addresses manually entered by you in Windows 7–
  1. Go to Control Panel and click on Network and Internet.
  2. Then in the available network select the desired network and click on Properties.Lan Properties
  3. Now select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).Lan Properties
  4. And there you are for the manual settings to be done.


Using Public DNS to Rectify DNS issues

Public DNS offers free primary and secondar DNS free of charge. There are a lot many free DNS provider among which Google is one to offer such. And now you have the choice of selecting the DNS servers and choose from the list of DNS which can resolve your issues. Still if the problem is not solved you can make sure that you follow these steps to ensure proper working and speed up your online experience.

Google Public DNS
Google is everywhere. Google Public DNS is the free and global tool that can be used as an alternative to current DNS provider.
You need to choose the following two IP address in Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server -
Wow! It’s very easy to remember and it’s claimed to be the fastest in DNS issues resolving.

Open DNS
OpenDNS provides you with control on what comes and what is browsed on your network. The following are the IP address to be used –
OpenDNS also has paid services and its performs always better than a free service.

ScrubIT is a DNS server that can regulate what is browsed from your network. They block out any porn site, phishing sites and other potentially harmful sites. It’s completely a free utility which can be quickly setup on your PC with the following IP address setting in your DNS server -

DNS Advantage
Probably people says DNS can increase your experience of faster browsing on web, with DNS Advantage you can browse safely with DNS settings. Use the following IP address –
The following sets can also be used as the IP address for DNS –
You can use the above mentioned third-party applications to access internet without any security concerns.