Java Fundamentals Video I and II

Java Fundamentals Video I and II

Java Fundamentals Video I and II | 1.49GB


Java is a strong type checking language. There are two concepts regarding types and objects. One is the object type and the other the template/class the object was created from. When an object is created, the template/class is assigned to that object which can not be changed. Types of an object however can be changed by type casting. Types of an object is associated with the object reference that referencing the object and determines what operation can be performed on the object through that object reference. Assigning the value of one object reference to a different type of object reference is called type casting.
Fundamentals I:
Fundamentals I - Introduction to the Eclipse
Fundamentals I - Introduction to the NetBeans
Fundamentals I - Lesson 1 Introduction to Java Applications
Fundamentals I - Lesson 2 Introduction to Classes and Objects
Fundamentals I - Lesson 3 Control Statements Part 1
Fundamentals I - Lesson 4 Control Statements Part 2
Fundamentals I - Lesson 5 Methods- A Deeper Look
Fundamentals I - Lesson 6 Arrays
Fundamentals I - Lesson 7 Classes and Objects- A Deeper Look
Fundamentals II:
Fundamentals II - Lesson 1 Object-Oriented Programming Inheritance
Fundamentals II - Lesson 2 Object-Oriented Programming Polymorphism
Fundamentals II - Lesson 3 Introduction to Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and Event Handling
Fundamentals II - Lesson 4 Exception Handling
Fundamentals II - Lesson 5 The Collections Framework

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