VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals

VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals

VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals CBT | 595MB


VMware vCloud Director Pool virtual infrastructure resources in your existing datacenter and deliver them to users as a catalog-based service with VMware vCloud Director. Coupled with VMware vSphere™, the best platform for cloud infrastructures, VMware vCloud Director enables customers to build secure private clouds, transforming the way IT delivers and manages infrastructure services and the way users access and consume these services.

Objectives. After completing this course, students should:

• Know the prerequisites for a VCD 1.0 installation (hardware and co-requisite software)
• Be able to perform initial setup of VCD in a Red Hat Linux virtual machine
• Know how to install and configure vShield Manager
• Understand critical VCD concepts: cell, organization, virtual datacenter, provider networks, organization networks, vApps, vApp networks, catalog
• Understand the services that vShield Edge provides to VCD
• Create an external network
• Create a network pool of virtual-machine networks
• Create an organization and allocate resources and networks to it
• Build a vApp within the organization
• Integrate the vApp into the catalog
• Understand the relationship of VCD to Chargeback Manager 1.5

Topics include:

Module 1: VMware Cloud Director Overview
Module 2: vCloud Director Architecture and Components
Module 3: vCloud Director Installation and Configuration
Module 4: vCloud Director Administration
Module 5: Network Administration In vCloud Director
Module 6: vCloud Director User



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