Advanced Linux Network Administrator Trainings

Advanced Linux Network Administrator Trainings Videos 2 CD

Trainsignal- Linux Network Administrator Trainings Videos 2 CD | 499MB


The CBT covers a wide range of real world Linux challenges in greater depth than courses costing 2-5 times more! Even if you are new to Linux, take a look at some of the knowledge you will acquire from our hands-on course...

* Explain fundamental management of Linux systems from the command line
* Demonstrate knowledge of user administration
* Understand file permissions
* Understand software configurations
* Manage Linux-based clients, server systems and security, and much more
-Fun, interactive scenarios make our lessons easy to retain! Install and configure a DNS Server and develop a DNS Infrastructure for your organization
-Learn how and why to use a Primary DNS Suffix
-Create Forward/Reverse Lookup Zones on multiple servers
-Create and manage Resource Records, including A, PTR, CNAME, MX, NS, and SRV Records
-Set up DNS Clients to interact with Active Directory and connect to internet resources

16 Hours (on CD) of Top Quality Linux Training Videos Contains:

-Learn About the Strengths and Weaknesses of Linux
-Master Linux and Be Prepared for the CompTIA Linux+ Exam!
-Learn All About the Different Linux Certifications and Their Benefits
-Analyze the Pros and Cons of Linux vs. Windows
-Master Installing Linux and All of the Intricacies that Come With the Install
-Never touched Linux before? This Lab Covers How to Perform All of Your Daily Tasks Both GUI & Command Line
-Using X Windows Demystified
-Create, Modify and Delete Users, Groups Along With Their Permissions.
-Identify & Manage Linux Processes and Process Trees
-Monitor & Troubleshoot Network Activity
-Create and Modify Basic Shell Script
-Manage & Configure Print Jobs
-Learn About Scheduling Jobs and Managing Runlevels & System Initialization
-Dive in and Tune Your Kernel Runtime Parameters
-Better Understand the Linux File System & Storage Management
-Setup System Backups & Restores
-Configure Basic TCP/IP Settings & Network Server Feature
-Troubleshoot Networking & Hostname Resolution Problems
-Read and Configure Linux Log Files
-Learn How to Share Files between OpenOffice & MS Office
-Install, Configure & Administer Samba Server (Windows File Sharing)
-Install and Administer a Web Site using Apache Web Server!
-Configure and Use Linux’s FTP Server to Share Files and Post Web Site Content
-Install and Administer DNS and DHCP on your Linux Server
-Maximize your Security on Linux Using Policies, SELinux and much more
-Learn How to Diagnose, Troubleshoot and Understand Hardware Resource Issues
-Monitor System Performance and Troubleshoot you Linux Box w/System Log Files
-Want to Learn How to Dual Boot Windows XP and Linux? The Bonus Video Walks You Through the Planning and Execution of Just That!!!
-Learn How to Play Windows Media Video(WMV) Files in Linux



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