Automation Studio v5.0

Automation Studio v5.0

Automation Studio v5.0

Automation Studio v5.0 | 477MB


Automation Studio™ offers a unique combination of user-friendly system design features, advanced engineering capabilities, a dynamic and realistic simulation, comprehensive features, and flexible functionality in one common environment. It brings a new dimension that allows manufacturers, OEMs, and end-users to optimize system implementation, deployment, and maintenance. Automation Studio™ allows the seamless integration of design engineering, prototyping, testing, troubleshooting, maintenance/diagnostics, training and generating technical publications while improving productivity in every step of the entire equipment life cycle.

Automation Studio™ is a completely integrated software package that allows users to design, simulate, and animate circuits consisting of various technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical controls, PLCs, Sequential Function Charts (SFC/Grafcet), and many more


1-The Best Standalone Package for Easy and Rapid System Design:

Automation Studio™ incorporates a very effective interface allowing the user to quickly create schematics. The tools allow schematics to be generated much faster than with any other CAD software currently on the market. It includes all the powerful features of a schematic design package in a user-friendly approach, shortening the learning curve and increasing productivity. Automation Studio™ is a standalone solution and provides thousands of symbols and models in comprehensive component libraries. It provides drawing tools, basic shapes and elements that allow users to quickly create special symbols of any complexity and to customize diagrams and project templates.

2-Dynamic and Realistic Simulation in Full Color:

Automation Studio™ includes simulation capabilities that meet the requirements of all supported technologies. During simulation, components become animated and lines are color-coded according to their states. Users can also precisely monitor variable values, pressures, flows, and displacement values at any point in a circuit simply by inserting measuring instruments or using the plotting functions. The simulation pace can also be adjusted with functions such as Normal, Step by Step, Slow Motion, and Pause.

3-Save on Prototyping and Maintenance Costs:

With simulation features like pace control, component color-coding, data plotting and, designers can monitor the actual circuit operation and find potential faults. This helps to validate designs, to save time on the production of prototypes, and to find faults in an equipment more quickly and easily. No other CAD system can do all this.

4-Thousands of Symbols in Modular Libraries

Automation Studio™ libraries incorporate internationally recognized graphic standards, including ISO, DIN, IEC, NEMA, and JIC. Each library displays component categories in a comprehensive fashion. Simply browse through the list, select the appropriate component and drag and drop it onto the schematic.

5-Make your Own Symbols, Components, Templates, and Libraries

By using the standard components, the flexible drawing tools, and the grouping function, you can create and customize your own libraries and templates. For training, instructors can create libraries specific to their application, thereby limiting the number of components only to what is needed.


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