Cisco PIX Adaptive Security CBT

Netmaster Class Cisco PIX Adaptive Security CBT

Netmaster Class Cisco Pic Adaptive Security CBT


The Cisco PIX Firewall and/or the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) are the cornerstone of the Cisco Self Defending Network. This training package allows you to master these key Cisco security technologies in the most efficient manner possible.
The LEARNiT: PIX/ASA package includes the following:

-Extremely detailed Reference Sheets explaining all major features of the products
-Video-On-Demand recordings by NetMasterClass instructors
-Practice Exam Database

This course is recommended for the following IT Professionals:

Those that want to master the PIX/ASA devices for network implementations
Those that want to obtain the CCSP Certification
Those that want to begin CCIE Security track preparation

Video-on-Demand Outline

1. Initial Configurations

* Configuring the Boot Variable
* Utilizing Local Name Resolution
* Configuring PIX/ASA Interfaces
* Network Address Translation
* Configuring Default Routes
* Configuring Logging
* Verifying Configurations
* Saving Configurations

2. NAT Translations

* Verifying Configurations

3. Permitting Connections

* ICMP Control
* ACLs
* Verifying Configurations

4. AAA

* Server-Group Configuration
* Authentication
* Accounting
* Verifying Configurations

5. Protocol Inspection

* Default Protocol Inspection
* Default Manipulation
* Verifying Configurations

6. Contexts Virtual Firewalls

* Configuration
* Management
* Verification

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